FAQ section

There are a lot of different items that I sell. So there are many questions I get. Here are a few that I thought would help you in knowing to make your decision easier.

What if I want to change the style of lettering on a shirt?

No problem, please contact me through email and we can discuss a font style that suits your needs.

Can I change the color of the vinyl on a t shirt?

Yes, If you would like a different color vinyl, please leave me a note a checkout stating which color you would like.

Can I get a larger size than what you have listed?

Yes, if you would like a larger size please email me. Custom sizes take about a week longer to process. 

Can I get a sweatshirt in a design you see that I am currently selling in a t shirt?

Yes, Please email me with the request and I can make a special listing for you for the correct amount for the style clothing you would like.

I love the tumbler does it come in a different size/style?

Yes, I can make just about any design in a smaller or larger size. Costs vary.

I would like this shirt quote on a cup, is that possible?

Yes, I can put just about anything on clothing, cups, signs, etc...

Is there a way I can get my school logo or colors on a cup/shirt?

Yes, that is not a problem. Please make your purchase and email me logo/colors.

I would like to purchase this as a gift, can you send to someone else?

Yes, leave me a note at checkout and let me know its a gift and to send to the recipient. I can also include a small note from you.

Does this sign come in a smaller size?

Most likely I am able to change the size of a sign. Please email me and I will make sure before you purchase.